Actual letters and testimonials of present and past clients.

"Every once in awhile I find the 'perfect gift' for my husband who has everything. His passion is building hotrods and trucks and given that I have little aptitude or knowledge about what would make a great gift for this hobby, I usually just ask him what he wants. But when I stumbled on Bob Kramer's site and viewed the images I knew that I had found a gift my husband would be surprised and excited about. And I was right!

The image of his 71 custom Mustang set against a celestial background was true eyecandy. He shows it to everyone who enters our home and he displays it at every car show we put on or attend. Everyone who sees it is quite impressed with both the image and the quality. The ordering process was easy and Bob Kramer was a delight to work with. He was so accommodating and when I struggled to make up my mind (so many options!), he gave me sound advice. Best of all, the image arrived days before it was scheduled.

My husband is currently working on creating a custom truck. He has a long way to go to completion but he is already contemplating how his truck will look as a companion piece of art to his mustang!" Andrea York

" I am totally amazed at the talent Bob has. My car looks amazing and Bobs promptness is very professional. Thanks Bob, I will be doing more with you." Russell


" A good friend referred me to Rat Rod Studios where I contacted Bob regarding doing some of his magic with my Prowler. Bob was awesome ! He was very quick replying to my emails and came through with some beautiful images that really made the car look amazing. The colors were vibrant and the image and background were clear as a bell. within a day the deal was done. I'm very happy with the results and plan to use his talents many more times in the future... Thanks Bob!" Jim Dunbrack

"I was introduced to Rat Rod Studios by one of my closest Prowler Pals. Bob has a unique talent that will make your photos come to life...truly awesome. Of all the money I have spent on modifications to my Prowler, the pictures Bob did for me is one of my favorite because I can hang his art on my wall as my Prowler Classic Collectibles and enjoy the rest of my life. Bob is a real professional to work with and he makes it enjoyable as well." George Johnson

"My picture arrived last week, and it looks amazing. Right now, it's at the framers because I tried to buy a frame for it, but the only thing I could find in a 16x24 size was those cheap kind with the plexiglass fronts. Well, there's no way that was going to be good enough for this picture. When I get it back, it'll be proudly displayed in my living room for everyone to see. I'm going to have you do one for my brother's custom truck, but it's not quite done yet. I'll probably be contacting you next spring about that. You do great work and should be very proud of yourself." Dave Singleton

"Thanks Bob. When you started with my 23 T Bucket I was thinking this would be nice and a change from just a picture on the wall. But when the print showed up and I got it in a frame it is a piece of art, So I did not stop with just one I had to get all my toys done all are just as much of a work of art as the first. Now every one that comes in my office make a comment on how good they look. Thanks again Bob. PS I am looking forward to my next toy so you can work your magic again.." Darrel Gregory